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Born in the inner city of the Milwaukee, WI Coo Coo Cal (Calvin Bellamy) always had thoughts of becoming a star. Enduring his share of the daily trials and tribulations of "street life," "Coo Coo" never let the drama in the streets bring him down. Instead, he learned that the most effective source of ammunition was a pen and paper. With this mode of destruction, he could say what he wanted, describe the most elaborate scene (be it positive or negative) and not hurt anyone.

Over the years Coo Coo kept on writing and kept improving. In time, he felt his rap skills were polished enough for him to show the world his talent. It wasn’t long, before he began performing at local parties, talent shows and concerts. Shortly thereafter, he finally got a break.

In 1998, Coo Coo Cal teamed up and later signed to a deal with Infinite Recordings/ 45 Entertainment, which consist of a group of young men who had established their own record label in 1993. Since the company was somewhat new itself, they felt that with determination and hard work, they would not only become known as a record company, but their new artist, Coo Coo Cal would become a hit as well.

In mid 1999, Coo Coo Cal finished his first album, "Walkin Dead". The album displays Coo Coo’s unique style as a rapper and as an individual. After hearing the album, you may give him the title "Gangsta Rapper," but this isn’t the image he wants to portray. Instead, as he puts it, "…. Your ghetto ain’t no harder than mine, I’m not a gangsta, I’m, just telling it like it is." With this in mind, Coo Coo Cal definitely gives new meaning to the word Gangsta Rap."

The album features some of raps hottest artist like Mack 10, Twista, and Spice 1. Unlike some other artists, those that are featured do not dominate or "make" the album. Instead, with songs like "Game," and "Penny 4 Your Thoughts," Coo Coo proves he definitely has what it takes to hold his own.

With a small distribution deal; little promotion; and no video, sales for the album have already reached approximately 30,000 units and are steady climbing. It is apparent, that with this album Coo Coo Cal has definitely made a name for himself and his hometown. With continuos hard work, he is sure to be the next rapper to have an album featured on the "Ten Most Wanted" list.